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Frequently Asked Questions for Alternates

What does it mean to be an alternate? We only have enough faculty, clinical partners, and facilities so space to admit 30 students each semester (Fall/Spring). Once we have filled up our available spaces, all other students are notified of their non-admittance into our nursing programs. However, accepted students sometimes decline our offer for various reasons. There is a small group of denied students that had enough total points to be right behind the top 30 accepted. These 15-20 students are placed on an alternate list as we anticipate needing to fill holes vacated by students that have declined our offer of admission.

How many alternates will you accept? We have no way of knowing. Since all available spots have been allocated, it is up to the admitted students to accept or decline the offer. We make the offer and then wait for the students’ responses. As students decline our offer, we call up alternates in the order that they are on the list.  The list is based on the Merit Score and the students with the highest score totals are first on the list.

When will I know? It is a waiting game. You are waiting for students to drop out of the program. Some students initially accept the offer and then later decline. As soon as a student notifies our department of their intent to relinquish their spot, the next alternate is contacted via there @go email. We have no way of knowing when a student will call or if they will call at all. No one can tell you when you will (or if you will) receive a call that a space has become available until an admitted student calls to decline our offer. Then the space becomes available.

If I contact the office can they tell me what number alternate I am on the list? No. We do not give out information on the status of the list. No one can tell you when you will (or if you will) get a spot.

Do I have to attend orientation? If you wish to stay on the alternate list, you must attend the orientation. Students who do not attend one of the orientations will be removed from the list.

Should I submit the background check and health paperwork? No. Some alternates will probably be called before paperwork deadlines and will turn in their paperwork by the posted deadlines. Others accepted later will be given deadlines on a case by case basis. We cannot require you to complete anything until you are accepted into the program. We would recommend that you complete your American Heart Association-approved CPR for Health Care Providers course and have all of your immunizations in case you are called very close to the beginning of the semester. The immunizations and compliances must be completed prior to beginning the program. Please do not submit any paperwork until you have been officially admitted into the program.

What do I do before orientation? Review the Student Handbook look at the mandatory orientation day and be ready to attend. Review the compliance requirements and be ready to provide proof if accepted. Please save all questions about requirements until orientation.

Can I register for classes? No. Only accepted students will be allowed to register after orientation. You should also not purchase books, materials or uniforms.

What is the last day/date I could be pulled in off the alternate list and into the program (conditional admission)? The first day of the given semester you are applying to enter, see our Academic Calendar  for dates.