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MCE Student Registration and Payment 

Be sure to purchase a 6-month package in December and July. You must ensure you are choosing a Nursing account when you set-up for the 1st time. Next, link your Complio account with MCE. This allows for all your health records in Complio to appear in MCE. Refer to the document “Connecting your MCE and ADB (Complio) accounts.

Once you have an account be sure to login in as a Student Login otherwise the system will not allow you to login.


  • Please always use mCE only on a desktop or laptop with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as your browser.
  • Except for your photo, no jpeg files. MCE will reject any photo of a document. If you don’t have access to a scanner, get a free phone app that will convert pictures of your documents to pdf files.
  • MCE is not compatible on mobile devices.
  • Clear your cache if you have a problem.
  • If the problem continues or you need more help, contact us:

Complio MCE directions for students going to Dignity for clinical experiences. You can share your MMR, Tdap, Background Check, Tuberculosis, Drug Screening, Influenza, Hepatitis B, CPR, Varicella, Physical Exam, and California LVN License (if applicable). The sharing does not show MCE the actual physical documents but the following information: Compliance Date, Category Expiration Date, Document Code, and Status.