Nursing Course Equivalencies

Nursing Course Equivalencies (subject to change at any time and the list does not guarantee equivalency) this is to use as a guide when meeting with the Yuba College counselor and/or applying for equivalency. Although every effort has been made to ensure this document is accurate and up to date errors do occur.

In addition, to this articulation grid Yuba College may consider Sierra College and American River College’s grids as well. For Sierra College (on their website go to Prerequisites to Apply section then the Equivalency Grid) for American River College (on their website scroll down to the most current Articulation Grid). To be considered see a Yuba College Counselor to determine if a petition is needed.

The Nursing Program office does not complete prerequisite course evaluations. If you have taken a prerequisite course outside of Yuba College, see a Yuba College counselor to get an Ed Plan to ensure the courses are equivalent and meet the prerequisites for our nursing program. If you are using upper division courses for any prerequisites, it is mandatory to contact a Yuba College academic counselor to review the process for a possible course substitution.