Get started on your compliance using the Student Handbook as a guide. Once in the program you will be purchasing the immunization package. Do not purchase your background and drug screen until you are in the program and directed because these are time sensitive.

Titers-Read-Carefully and Equivocal these help you understand your test results.

Login help Complio Multifactor Authentication User Guide

Video on how to upload documents in Complio

Label documents in the following manner:

Nursing Program Complio Directions

LVN Career Mobility Complio Directions

Requirement Explanations to ensure you have current information, once you have a Complio account use the document provided in Complio.


Complio login

User guide

Complio MCE directions for students going to Dignity for clinical experiences. You can share your MMR, Tdap, Background Check, Tuberculosis, Drug Screening, Influenza, Hepatitis B, CPR, Varicella, Physical Exam, and California LVN License (if applicable). The sharing does not show MCE the actual physical documents but the following information: Compliance Date, Category Expiration Date, Document Code, and Status.

Student assistance, 1.800.200.0853

Password resets make take up to 2.5 hours to send you the validation code to your email.

Due to the Complio safety protocol after 90 days of inactivity your account will be locked and all that is needed to be unlocked is to contact Complio and they will be able to unlock the account.

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