You have many ways that we support your transition to NCLEX.  1) Test Taking Strategies Seminar 2) N18/Capstone 3) Mock NCLEX/Predictor Exam 4) Live Review 4) Virtual ATI


Test Taking Strategies

  • Designed to provide students valuable strategies to use in the classroom and throughout your career
  • Proven strategies and tools that can lead to higher test scores, less remediation and an overall positive nursing school experience


  • Prepares you for the end of program proctored predictor exam
  • Register through Yuba College for N18 and we use Canvas, also ATI Capstone will be in your ATI account under the NCLEX PREP tile.
  • Has 2 proctored exams one before N18/Capstone starts and one after (a pre and a post)
  • 7 weeks long, all completed while in the program, about 4 hours a week of work, 7 weeks 28 hours total, 9 weeks when include pre-post tests
  • This is a review/refresher, non-punitive, you revisit content, brush up, you test then are provided assignments to build up needed areas
  • Work on content 1 week at a time (about 3 assignments each week) then a capstone test on each area the 3 assignments include the test
  • You have a gradebook in ATI
  • The tests each week are NCLEX style questions. Each is 50 items and will have 1.5 minutes per question to complete. Need to be completed in one sitting
  • The remediation assignments are open-ending questions and you have 8 hours to complete (does not have to be consecutive- meaning you can log in and out to come back)


Mock NCLEX/Predictor Exam

  • Proctored 180 question assessment
  • NCLEX style questions
  • 180 minutes to complete assessment
  • Generates an Individual Performance Profile that includes the Major Content Areas and the following data.
  • Adjusted Individual Total Score (% correct)
  • Gives you predicted Probability of Passing NCLEX on the First Attempt
  • National and Program Means and Percentile Ranks
  • Topics to Review per NCLEX Client Need Categories
  • Individual Scores (% correct) within an outcome
  • Areas ■ Thinking Skills: Foundational Thinking and Clinical Judgment/Critical Thinking ■ Clinical Areas ■ Nursing Process ■ Priority Setting ■ QSEN Competencies ■ BSN Essentials ■ NLN Competencies

Live Review

  • On campus or via Zoom ATI 3-4 day live review
  • All students will attend the same scheduled review
  • Led by an experienced ATI Nurse Educator and designed to improve competency on topics
  • Engaging, interactive review course covers every essential subject area on the NCLEX exam, plus provides test-taking strategies, critical-thinking exercises, Q&A practice and access to new assessments

Virtual ATI

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