Course Title: FIRTC 69 – M8562 Firefighter 2 Academy

Description: This course provides the skills and knowledge needed for the firefighter to take on increased leadership roles and responsibilities pertaining to fire department communications, fire ground operations, rescue operations, and fire and life safety initiatives, preparedness, and maintenance.

Prerequisite: It is advised to complete FIRTC 63 or 64 – Firefighter 1 Academy or equivalent.  You may attend without this course, but you will not get final certification from SFT without a current FF 1 qualification.  You will also need to have your PSFA or higher certification along with a current American Heart Association BLS/CPR card.

Yuba College Public Safety Center
2088 North Beale Rd, Room 2142
Marysville, CA 95901

Spring 2024: May 13 – June 03, 2024 0800-1700 Monday to Friday
Spring 2025: May 12 – June 02, 2025 0800-1700 Monday to Friday

Application Period:
The application period for Spring 2024 is now closed.


Step 1. Complete fire academy application and submit by April 8, 2024  via email to dcoats@yccd.edu.  All sections of the application must be completed and please include a 30-day recent medical clearance. Ensure you receive a confirmation email that your application was received.  If you attended the fall 2023 or spring 2024 Firefighter 1 academy, please reach out to Devon in the office to see if your application can carry over.
Download application here: FF II Academy Application

Step 2. Apply to Yuba College as a new student if not already registered. See registration link for new students here: Apply Now – Yuba College (yccd.edu) Priority Registration: Priority Registration – Yuba College (yccd.edu)

Step 3. Review program costs and fees and apply for financial aid if needed, Financial Aid – Yuba College (yccd.edu)

Step 4. Await confirmation of acceptance into the fire academy. Notification of acceptance in to the academy will be sent via email not later than Friday, April 19th. Acceptance letter will provide information regarding items to purchase and tasks to complete.

If confirmed into the academy, complete the remaining steps:

Step 5. Meet with counselors to file an abbreviated educational plan if not already enrolled. You will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Step 6. Attend Mandatory Orientation meeting Monday April 22 at 1730-1900 hrs in Bldg 2100 room 2142  

Step 7. Prepare for academy start on Monday, May 13th, 2024.



Material and Uniform Costs

Some personal protective equipment will be provided by the Academy, with the exception of: footwear, hoods, and gloves (for health reasons). Students must also provide their own uniforms.  Your Yuba College academy uniform is acceptable.  Specifications and vendors for these items will be provided upon being accepted for enrollment in the Academy.


Financial Aid

Some students may be eligible to receive financial aid. Both Board of Governor’s Fee Waivers and Federal Financial Assistance may be viable options for students seeking assistance. For further information, call or email the Yuba College Financial Aid office or go to their website here: Financial Aid – Yuba College (yccd.edu)



Course book is Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills & Hazardous Materials Response (w/Nav2 Advantage Access), Jones and Bartlet Learning, Fourth Edition, ISBN: 9781284151336. The Fourth Edition of Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills by Jones and Bartlet learning is also acceptable. Contact the facilitator if you have questions regarding texbooks.

FIRTC 69 books will be available for purchase online and at the Yuba College Bookstore. Details will be made available in the Acceptance Letter. Once accepted and enrolled in to the course, go to the course link in your Yuba College login and the books assigned to the academy will be linked to your course registration. Bookstore link here: https://yc.yccd.edu/student/bookstore/



Enrollment fees, as set by the California State Legislature, are $46 per unit and are subject to change. Students will be responsible for the difference in enrollment fees if such changes are enacted by the Legislature. The total cost for the Firefighter 2 academy is approximately $1,750 – $2,000 dollars.

Total estimated expenses are summarized below:

$ 250.00 Tuition, Fees, and Parking Pass based on the current $46.00per unit enrollment
$ 300.00 Material fees (SFM certificates and testing)
$ 100.00 Books and printed materials – available at Yuba College Bookstore
$ 280.00 Uniforms and physical training clothes *
$ 850.00 PPE Equipment Purchase – helmet, boots, gloves, etc. *
* these costs may be reduced if student is sponsored by an agency and permitted use of PPE
$ 1,750.00 TOTAL
This total does not include living expenses.


All fees are approximate and subject to change at any time.


Not ready to enroll, but interested in receiving information on future FF2 academies? Here is the course interest list sign-up:  please email dcoats@yccd.edu


Need help? Call 530-749-3879, fax: 530-749-3874,
office email: dcoats@yccd.edu , Facilitator email:  rstoddar@yccd.edu