Can I take my prerequisite courses at any college?

Yes but work with a counselor to assure they are equivalent courses.

Is there a deadline to apply to the Program?

Yes, applications are accepted between January 2 and February 14.

May I submit my application if I have not completed the required prerequisite courses or if I am currently taking the courses?

No, sorry. Your application will not be accepted.

 How often are students accepted into the program?

The students are accepted once a year in the spring.

How are students selected to be in the program?

The names of those individuals whose applications were evaluated as complete, are sent  to our researcher. She has a program that does a random selection. The first person on the list is offered a seat and we will go down that list until we reach the maximum number of students to fill the cohort.

Will I earn a degree when I am finished with the program course work?

Upon successful completion of the Yuba College Program courses the student will earn an Associate’s Degree.

What if I have a felony or misdemeanor in my history? 

If you have any sort of criminal record, you must disclose this to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) before you can sit for the national boards.  It is recommend that you contact the ARRT before applying for the program.  Yuba College does a background check for the past 7 years, however the ARRT and many of our clinical sites go  farther back into your history

Are students paid for the internship? 

No, students are not paid.  Our accrediting body (Joint Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology) does not allow students to be paid for their internship.