Can I take my prerequisite courses at any college?

Yes, but work with the counseling department to assure they are equivalent courses.

Is there a deadline to apply to the Program?

Yes, applications are accepted between March 15 and March 31.

May I submit my application if I have not completed the required prerequisite courses or if I am currently taking the courses?

No, sorry. Your application will not be accepted.

 How often are students accepted into the program?

The students are accepted once a year in the spring.

How are students selected to be in the program?

All students who meet program requirements are pooled together.  A random number generator assigns numbers (randomly) to students.  The first 25 are accepted into the program.  The next 5 are alternates.

Will I earn a degree when I am finished with the program coursework?

Upon successful completion of the Yuba College Program courses, the student will earn an Associate’s Degree.

What if I have a felony or misdemeanor in my history? 

If you have any criminal record, you must disclose this to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) before you can sit for the national boards.  It is recommended that you contact the ARRT before applying for the program.  A felony or misdemeanor conviction may eliminate a student from clinical placement and therefore the program.

Are students paid for the internship? 

No, students are not paid.  Our accrediting body (Joint Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology) does not allow students to be paid for their internship.

What happens if I am charged with a felony or misdemeanor while in the program?

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to continue in the program.

 Can I work while in the program?

That is a personal decision, however, past students will tell you this is a very intense program and does require a large time commitment.

Can I choose my clinical site?

Students are not allowed to choose their clinical site.  Students are assigned sites by program faculty.  The student should plan to travel to ANY clinical site offered by Yuba College.

Can I choose the days/hours I work?

No, shifts and days are assigned by the program faculty.  We are allowed a limited number of students at each facility during any given time.  The student should be prepared to work any day between the hours of 5 am and midnight.

Do you have night classes?

We do not offer a part-time or night program.  Didactic classes are during the day, and clinical hours vary.

How many applicants apply for the program every year?

The program offers 25 class seats every year, and every year our application numbers increase.  The last cycle recorded 228 applications.

I took my prerequisites at another college and the Transcript Office is asking for a course description, course outline, or syllabus to determine content equivalency for those courses. How do I obtain this information?

Official college course descriptions may be obtained by photocopying the college catalog for the year and semester in which the course was completed.  Official college catalogs with course descriptions may also be available online through the institution’s website.  Additionally, a course outline, syllabus, or list of course objectives can usually be obtained by contacting the course instructor.

Can I work while in the program?

There is no restriction, but the program recommends not working as it may interfere with your success in the program. There are many hours per week of reading/studying in addition to course and clinical hours. You will not be permitted to leave early or arrive late to clinical or class because of your job. There are attendance requirements that are strictly adhered to.

Is there a time limit requirement on the prerequisite courses or do they expire?

No there is no time requirement for program prerequisites nor do they expire.

I have applied to the program for several years and have not been accepted.  Do you give any consideration to someone who has applied several times in the past and still not gotten in?

 Unfortunately, we do not offer consideration nor preference for repeat applicants.  In an effort to show equal access to all, we repeat the lottery process every year.  There is NO WAITLIST.