Program applications are accepted every year from March 15 at 8 am until March 31 at 5 pm.

  • It is HIGHLY recommended that prospective students meet with a counselor to confirm they have met graduation requirements and that any courses taken outside of Yuba College meet the prerequisite requirements.

Apply to Yuba College for General Admission.

  • Applicants must first apply to Yuba College.  You will establish a Yuba College student ID and a @go email address. The student ID is required to login into the application (for example M0313081).
  • The student email created will be utilized by the Allied Health Department regarding your application and/or admission status. It is strongly advised that you check this email account consistently.
  • If you are already a Yuba College student use your current student ID there is no need to apply to the college because you have in the past.
  • Warning- if you do not complete and submit the application it will time out and not save your data. If you complete it, you will be able to edit it.

Gather Transcripts

Transcripts– for program admission prerequisites and degree (if applicable).

  • Have your college(s) transcripts with you as you fill out the application online
    • Keep in mind to include any courses and degrees
    • If you are utilizing prerequisites from college(s) outside of the Yuba Community College District (Yuba College, Sutter County Center, Woodland Community College, Lake County campus, Colusa County Outreach Facility), please have an official transcript sent directly to
    •  Yuba College – Transcript Office, Radiologic Technology Applicant 
    • 2088 North Beale Road, Marysville, CA    95901 
    • Attention: Senior Student Service Technician
  • Official transcripts must be issued by the educational institution in a sealed envelope. If the seal has been broken prior to Yuba College receiving it, the transcript will not be accepted or evaluated by the Transcript Office. Delivery and evaluation of transcripts can take several weeks. Please send the transcripts as soon as possible.
  • All transcripts outside of the Yuba Community College District must be received by the Transcript Office by the second business day of the close of the application period. If a transcript has not been received by the second business day of the close of the application period, the application will be considered incomplete and will result in the application being disqualified.
  • If an applicant has sent in their official transcripts to Yuba College in the past they can view their unofficial transcripts in the Yuba College Self Service program and see the college listed. If the courses are there you do not have to re-submit. Be advised that if any courses have been taken since the old transcripts were submitted you must send new official transcripts.
  • The reported courses and grades on your application will be the only courses verified.
  • If an established course articulation does not exist for a course being used as a prerequisite, prospective students should schedule an appointment with a counselor to complete a Student Petition for an equivalency approval, the review of which can take time (2 – 3 weeks or longer.) Plan accordingly, as the petition must go to the appropriate academic division for review, and an approved petition must be received in the Admissions and Records Office prior to the application deadline for the course to be accepted as a prerequisite in the application cycle.
  • All upper-division courses listed as prerequisites without an established articulation must be approved by a petition to the appropriate academic division prior to submitting the program application.
  • Official transcripts that are transmitted electronically from the college of origin’s Admissions and Records Office to the Yuba College Admissions and Records Office are acceptable.

Completed Applications

  • The applicant will know they have completed the application when they see the final “Congratulations!” page and are able to review/print out the application.
  • In addition, they will receive an email receipt to their account with the subject “Yuba College Radiologic Technology Department acknowledges receipt of your application.  This @go email will be used to communicate your admissions status. Be sure to check it often or have it forwarded to your personal email.
  • If the applicant recognizes they need to make changes or submit the application in error can go back into the application and make needed changes.

Students are notified by email regarding their admission status by the last Friday in April.

Students who do not respond to their acceptance letter within 5 days of receiving an acceptance email will have their offer rescinded and immediately replaced with an alternate.

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