Tuition for California residents is $46.00 per unit.  For out of state tuition, please refer to the  Yuba College Catalogue.

Tuition:  $3036

Student service fee: $10

Uniforms:  $150 (3 sets of scrubs)

ID Badges: $10

Patches: $30 (3 patches)

Textbooks: $1500

Positional Markers: $50 (2 sets)

Background and Drug Screening: $100

Immunization Tracking:  $50

Student Record Tracking: $200

Parking fees for Yuba College: $160

Onboard fees: $100

Parking fees at clinical sites: $600

Immunizations required during program: $100

Radiation Badges: $150 (lost badges and pregnancy badges are an additional cost)

Total for 5 semesters:  $6246

(This does not include the requirements needed before program acceptance such as physical and immunizations)