It is recommended you have your transcript reviewed before applying to determine whether prior courses taken meet prerequisite requirements.  Potential students will need to call the counseling office (530) 634-7766 or visit Zoom( virtual office to make an appointment.


  • Biol 4 (Anatomy)
  • Biol 5 (Physiology)
  • English 1A
  • Any math or Statistics course with a Math 52 prerequisite
  • Speech 1, 7, or 8
  • Area A Natural Science
  • Area B Social Science
  • Area C Humanities


Please note that BIOL 1 or 15 is required (at Yuba College) before you may take BIOL 4 and 5.  BIOL 1 or 15 meets the Area A (Natural Science) graduation requirements.

Any questions in regards to the equivalent course cannot be addressed by the Program faculty.

It is suggested that students meet with a counselor before submission of an application to ensure they meet all graduation requirements.    Please contact a Yuba College counselor at (530) 634-7766 or visit the website at .