• Biol 4 (Anatomy)
  • Biol 5 (Physiology)
  • English 1A
  • Any math or Statistics course with a Math 52 prerequisite
  • Speech 1, 7, or 8
  • Area A Natural Science
  • Area B Social Science
  • Area C Humanities

The Rad Tech Program has updated its prerequisites. All applicants must have completed all of the above prerequisites by Fall 2019 with the exception of Speech 1, 7, or 8, and Stats 1 or any math that has a prerequisite of Math 52 or higher. Students that have not completed Speech 1, 7, or 8 and a transfer-level math course with a Math 52 (Intermediate Algebra) prerequisite, must complete these courses with a C- or higher grade by May 29, 2020. Unofficial transcripts must be emailed to by June 5, 2020. Failure to submit your unofficial transcript by this date will result in your admission to the program being rescinded.

Please note that this exception is only for Spring 2020 lottery and will not be honored in the future.

Please note that BIOL 1 or 15 is required (at Yuba College) before you may take BIOL 4 and 5.  BIOL 1 or 15 meets the Area A (Natural Science) graduation requirements.

Any questions in regards to the equivalent course cannot be addressed by the Program faculty.

Students are REQUIRED to meet with a counselor before submission of an application to ensure they meet all graduation requirements.  This paperwork is to be submitted with the application.  Counselors can provide you with this form. Counselors do NOT check to see if your course meets the prerequisite requirement, only graduation requirements.  Please contact a Yuba College counselor at (530) 634-7766 or visit the website at .

It is recommended you have your transcript reviewed before applying to determine whether prior courses taken meet prerequisite requirements.  Please contact Admissions and Records at 530-741-6720 to request a transcript review or visit the website at