The Yuba College Radiologic Technology Program accepts applicants once a year, in the Spring.  The program is 22 months in length.  Students, upon successful completion, will earn an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.

Yuba College hosts a classroom in Marysville and  Redding, California.  20 students and 5 alternates are selected for the Marysville campus. 5 students and 2 alternates are selected for the Redding campus. Effective 2023, a total of 15 alternates will be selected.

Students accepted as well as alternates are required to take RT 55 (3-day mandatory orientation) in May.  An all-day orientation on the third Thursday in May will replace RT 55 in 2023. Failure to attend the orientation will result in the acceptance letter being revoked.

Below is a list of courses, a brief description of the course, the semester it is taken, and the unit hours.

Course IDCourse DescriptionSemesterCollege Units
RT 1Fundamentals of Radiologic Sciences and Health CareFirst Fall Semester4
RT 2Radiation Physics and EquipmentFirst Fall Semester4
RT 3ARadiographic Procedures IFirst Fall Semester3
RT 6ARadiologic Technology Internship 1First Fall Semester5.5
RT 3BRadiographic Procedures 2Second Spring Semester3
RT 4Principles of Radiation: Physics, Biology, and ProtectionSecond Spring Semester4
RT 5Principles of Radiation Expsoure and EquipmentSecond Spring Semester4
RT 6BRadiologic Technology Internship 2Second Spring Semester4.5
RT 6CRadiologic Technology Internship 3First Summer Semester7
RT 3CRadiographic Procedures 3Second Fall Semester3
RT 6DRadiologic Technology Internship 4Second Fall Semester8
RT 7Advanced Radiographic StudiesSecond Fall Semester1
RT 8Radiographic Pathology and Image CritiqueSecond Fall Semester2
RT 3DRadiographic Procedures 4Third Spring Semester2
RT 6ERadiologic Technology Internship 5Third Spring Semester8.5
RT 9Advanced ModalitiesThird Spring Semester2
RT 12Radiologic Technology Board ReviewThird Spring Semester1.5