Geology at Yuba College

photo of geology field trip

Yuba College students on a Geology field trip explore the beach of Bodega Head near Bodega Bay. These rocks moved 450 miles along the San Andreas Fault to this position over the last 100 million years.

Geology is the study of the earth, earth processes and earth materials. Geology focuses on how the earth formed, evolved, and how it will look in the future. A geology major is a scientist – you will have strong analytical abilities that emphasizes quantitative reasoning. The interdisciplinary nature of the geology major will lead to a strong background in the physical sciences. The work of the geologist includes energy in the environment, resources and extraction, and humans interaction with the environment.

Careers in Education, Oil and Gas and Conservation

Many geologists work for oil and gas in both private industry and in the public sector. Typical working conditions are in the lab, the field, and sometimes remote locations.
• Get a job teaching or doing research.
• Study climate change or become a hydrologist or meteorologist.
• Start a career in conservation: become an environmental scientist or natural science manager

Map of Geology major at Yuba College  click here

Geology majors are offered at Chico State University, Sacramento State University, UC Davis, as well as most other colleges.

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