Program Description

This program provides students with the concepts, methods, and applications of field work in watershed management and hydrology. Watershed program categories include the conservation of floodplains, invasive species, river restoration/bank stabilization and limiting nonpoint source pollutants.  Also, students will be prepared to perform basic tasks in hydrology, such as quality sample collection, data retrieval from stream gages, and surveying, by using standard fieldwork methods, and GIS field applications to collect, store and interpret data. Emphasis is on techniques in data collection by following industry protocols for proper collection of reliable data, and quality assurance procedures.   In addition to performing field work, the technicians will complete tasks such as compilation of review of collected data, database management, and data analysis, in collaboration with or in support of certified professionals.

  • Ecology 10 (4 units)
  • Intro to GIS (3 units)
  • Web GIS (3 units)
  • Water Resources (3 units)
  • Study Design and Field Studies (3 units)

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