Images of the Earth and Space

Physical Science involves the study of non-living aspects of natural science including physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, meteorology and oceanography.


Korey Champe
Assistant Professor of Earth Science
530-741-7676 phone
530-749-3854 fax (shared)



PHYSC 10B—Physical Science – Physics and Chemistry (3 units) CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Basic concepts in physics and chemistry: motion, force, energy, electricity, atomic theory, matters, chemical and physical changes, radioactivity, and an introduction to modern physics. (L)

PHYSC 10C—Physical Science – Physics and Chemistry (1 unit) CSU/UC
Laboratory experiments in physics and chemistry to reinforce and complement the materials presented in PHYSC 10B. Prerequisite: PHYSC 10B which may be taken concurrently. (L)



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