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  • 20 Applicants will be accepted into the Marysville Campus.
  • 4 Applicants will be accepted for the Redding Campus.
  • 5 Alternates will be accepted for the Marysville Campus.
  • 2 Alternates will be accepted for the Redding Campus.
  • Applicants with complete and accepted applications will be randomly selected by lottery.
  • Students are notified by no later than the last Friday in February as to their status.
  • It is recommended you check your email DAILY.
  • Once you receive a conditional acceptance or conditional alternate letter, you will have 5 business days to accept it.
  • Applicants not accepted for admission to the program are encouraged to reapply the following year. The application is not kept on file.
  • Students accepted as alternates are required to attend the first class – RT 55 in the Spring semester.
  • Alternates are required to keep all immunizations current and can be selected for placement up to the first week of class.
  • Any alternate not given the opportunity to participate in the program the year they are selected as an alternate will be given a spot in the following year’s cohort (assuming they are still current with program requirements).
  • Admission deferrals are not accepted.
  • If an application is not accepted for any reason (including those not chosen by lottery) the student is invited to reapply during the next application cycle.