In order to protect our patients and our students, proof of immunity is required for common vaccines.

  • Tetanus- proof of immunization within the past 10 years.
  • Diphtheria- proof of immunization
  • Pertussis – proof of immunization
  • Rubella – positive titer results
  • Rubeola- positive titer results
  • Mumps – positive titer results
  • Hepatitis B- positive titer results
  • Varicella- positive titer results
    • If you received an immunization, but the titer results are negative, you must submit both the titer results and proof of immunization, as well as repeat the immunization.  If the titer results are negative again, you will need a note from your physician stating you are a “non-converter” for that particular disease.
  • You will be required to obtain a flu shot annually.  If you are unable to obtain the flu shot for medical reasons, a physician’s note is required.  Please note that some sites require the flu vaccine and will not allow students without the vaccine into the clinical site.

At this point in time, many of our clinical sites are requiring a COVID vaccination and booster.  If you are requesting a medical/religious exemption, please contact the director of allied health. This must be completed and approved by the college and the clinical site before any clinical rotation begins.  Students who miss clinical hours because this has not been completed in a timely manner, run the risk of not being able to complete their clinical hours and inturn the program.

Students (and alternates) accepted into the program must have completed all immunizations and proof of positive titer results by June 30 of the year accepted.

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