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Hard Math Cafe and HMC Annex

The Hard Math Cafe (HMC) is now online! This means you can now access live drop-in math and stats tutoring from the location of your choice.


How do I log in?

Reliable access to the internet and a device with video and audio capabilities is ideal.

What do I do once I am logged in?

Once you have joined the Hard Math Cafe Zoom meeting, you will be greeted by a staff member of the HMC. You will be asked to identify which course you would like to work on (math 20, stats, etc.). You will then be paired up with a tutor into a virtual breakout room. Once inside the breakout room, you and the tutor can share desktops and virtual whiteboards.


What time is tutoring available?

We will reopen with updated hours on June 15th, 2020.


Thank you so much for your flexibility and understanding during this unexpected transition.


Want to test Zoom?

You can download and test Zoom buy going to zoom.us/test and following the instructions.



(530) 749 – 3830


Last updated February 11, 2020.