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The Yuba College Deans and directors assembled the Faculty Quick Reference Guide (linked below) to provide helpful information on Syllabi, SLOs, Census Certification, FLEX, Grades, Student Discipline, and other issues and procedures all faculty should know. We hope this guide will assist you.  All new Yuba College faculty should be directed to this document.  All current Yuba College faculty should be familiar with the information and guidelines found therein. Please take time to look over its contents.

Faculty Quick Reference

Additional useful information is available on the following pages:

Faculty Resources Web Page

YCCD Knowlege Base

What to cover in…

Syllabus information

Your course syllabus is to include the list of course objectives and student learning outcomes for the course, which can be found on the course outlines. Your syllabus is to be kept on file in the division office.

You may find course outlines on eLumen.

Free Mathematics and Statistics Resources

  • https://askgoodquestions.blog: Allan Rossman at Cal Poly SLO has started writing a weekly blog about teaching introductory statistics.  This blog aims to provide practical ideas, examples, activities, assessments, and advice that can be used directly with students.  The posts are designed to be fun as well as thought-provoking.
  • desmos.com: Desmos is a free online graphing utility.
  • wolframalpha.com: Wolfram Alpha is a free online computational knowledge system (basically a computer algebra system and knowledge database combined).
  • Statistics Simulations: Apps written by Matt Davis (Chabot College) who graciously granted us permission to use (Thanks Matt!) The simulations are in a zip file.

Typesetting math

Alternative Work Site Application

Submit this form when you need to be off campus during a class week, for example, to attend a conference.

Forms for instructor evaluations

Editable files.



Jobs in Higher Ed


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