Upcoming Flex Workshops

Program Review and Annual Update How-To! Y1852 Details here 9:00 AM, 09/25/2019 room: 1131, Flex Hours: 1 Register!
Building rapport and enhancing student success using True Colors Y1899 Details here 4:00, 09/25/2019 room: 104, Flex Hours: 2 Register!
Why do students resist in learning in flipped classroom? Y1909 Details here 12:00 pm, 09/27/2019 room: 821, Flex Hours: 1 Register!
English Teaching Community Meeting 4: Motivating Students to be Self-Directed Learners Y1914 Details here 9:00 AM., 09/27/2019 room: 1171, Flex Hours: 3 Register!
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