Faculty Resources for Delivering Emergency Remote Instruction.

Upcoming Flex Workshops

Personal Safety Workshop Y2158 Details here 11:00 AM, 07/07/2020 room: ZOOM ID: 91471199853, Flex Hours: 1 Register!
Building a Survey in Survey Monkey and Microsoft Forms Workshop Y2159 Details here 1:00 PM, 07/07/2020 room: ZOOM ID: 91254172737, Flex Hours: 1 Register!
Human Resources 101 Workshop Y2160 Details here 2:00 PM, 07/07/2020 room: ZOOM ID: 97331913711, Flex Hours: 1 Register!
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Workshop Y2161 Details here 3:00 PM, 07/07/2020 room: ZOOM ID: 99603243459, Flex Hours: 2 Register!
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The CurricUNET freeze/moratorium has begun. Please contact your Curriculum Co-chairs if you have any further questions

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