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The Purpose of Program Review Feedback

Yuba College Program Review Feedback serves several purposes, including:

1. Improved Communication, Collaboration and Understanding

Program Review Feedback is designed to foster communication and improve understanding among faculty and staff from different programs and areas. Faculty and staff from instructional programs gain a better understanding and appreciation of student service programs—and visa versa. Likewise, faculty and staff from non-CTE programs gain a better understanding and appreciation of CTE programs—and visa versa. We come to understand each other’s needs and circumstances better and appreciate the contributions made by each program.

2. Continuous Quality Improvement

Program Review Feedback provides a mechanism for meaningful evaluation and feedback and an opportunity for the program or department to self reflect and improve. A Program Review Feedback Report highlights concerns and challenges the program faces, components omitted from its program review for which more detail would be beneficial, suggestions and recommendations for a more effective program review—as well as accomplishments and strengths for which the program should be commended. This process encourages more meaningful and improved program reviews. Likewise, the faculty and staff offering feedback to other departments’ program reviews gain ideas and insight into how they might improve their own– as well as a better understanding of the program review process.

3. Identified Program Needs

The Program Review Feedback process allows peers outside the department or program to recognize recommendations as crucial to the program’s future and vision. This outside validation of program recommendations adds support and justification for the allocation of resources which will be considered by groups charged with resource allocations.

4. Increased External Visibility

The Program Review Feedback Team includes an external peer (see answer to FAQ #7). External peers often note the unanticipated strengths they observe or comment on the deepening of their respect for the program as a result of their participation. The Program Review Feedback process fosters dialogue and positive visibility amongst external peers and the community we serve.

5. Compliance with Accreditation Requirements

ACCJC Standard I.B requires that the institution demonstrate a sustained, substantive and collegial dialog about student outcomes and academic quality. Program Review Feedback is a significant means, among others, by which Yuba College meets the requirements of this standard, ensuring sustained, substantive and collegial dialog.

Participant Testimonials

I believe that the program review experience allowed us to have a different perspective on our programs. The insights gained from that process are being implemented into our academies. These improvements will assist us in assuring that we are doing all that we can to a provide each student with the best opportunity to successfully complete our academies. – Pete Villarreal, Public Safety

I found the program review (feedback) meeting with my peers to be very helpful and encouraging.  The feedback really helped me understand what exactly the review is meant to do for our program and what I can use it for to better serve our needs.  Also learning that some of our methods used for data retrieval for annual reports could help other programs made me feel pretty good about what we have been doing for years now and also want to offer any help I can to other programs that will be needing to report similar types of information as well.  I appreciate the time that everyone took out of their schedules to sit down with me and make me feel like our program was important to Yuba College’s CET unit.  – Aimee Ferguson, Sutter Beauty College

I just wanted to take the time to let the program review (feedback) committee know that I so valued the program review (feedback) experience.  I am grateful for the time that each of the participants took to read and give thoughtful analysis.  It is good to have an outside perspective as the ideas and suggestions that were given made sense.  We are excited at the prospect of implementing the suggestions from the program review (feedback) committee. – Priscilla Hernandez, CalWORKs

Program Review Feedback FAQs