College Mission, Principles, and Objectives

Vision: Provide innovative and student-centered educational opportunities and services that are equitable and that empower students to become transformative and productive members of our communities.

Mission: Yuba College is committed to providing equitable student learning and success. We offer degree and certificate programs leading to career and transfer opportunities for our diverse communities.

Outcomes we are committed to:

Access:  We meet students where they are to provide equitable access to all

Persistence/Retention: We identify paths to educational goals that are simple for students to follow and help students stay on those paths until completion

Completion: We break down systemic inequities that block students from attaining the career and life they want

Career:  We ensure that CTE programs are elevated to a higher, more relevant, level so that students can attain the skills necessary to achieve their career goal

Transfer:  We create curricular pathways that lead to seamless transfer and further education