Yuba College Child Development Program

Yuba College Main Campus
2088 North Beale Rd., Building 1600 #E
Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m
Director: Karen L. Stanis

The main objective of the Child Development Program / Lab School is to serve families of children on our college campus and in our community by providing an exemplary, developmentally appropriate early childhood program for children, families, college students and faculty through modeling best practices in the field of early childhood education.

Program Standards

  • Relationships foster belonging and encourage individual worth.
  • Curriculum supports individual and group goals.
  • Teaching supports exploration and personal development.
  • Assessments are informed, systematic, and advance development.
  • Health practices promote safety.
  • Teachers are qualified and dedicated.
  • Families are involved and respected.
  • Community relationships support our goals
  • Physical environment is safe, well maintained, educational, and fun
  • Leadership and management work as a team to build a high-quality program.

Objectives and Guiding Principles When Planning:

  • Children construct understanding through active interactions with caregivers, peers, materials and events.
  • Learning is sequential, building on prior understanding and experiences.
  • Learning proceeds at different rates in each content area/domain; children will show a range of skills and understandings in any one area of development.
  • Learning in each area is interconnected. Young children learn best through integrated, meaningful experiences.
  • Learning is embedded in a culture. Children learn best when their learning activities are rooted in a familiar cultural context.
  • Learning begins in the family, continues in early care and education settings, and depends on parent involvement and care giver guidance.
  • All children have the potential to achieve learning outcomes with the appropriate supports and instruction.