What is CTE Transitions?

The Yuba College CTE Transitions Program allows high school students the opportunity to earn college and high school credit simultaneously.

The purpose of the CTE Transitions Program is to provide education enrichment opportunities and help to ensure a smooth transition from high school to college by providing greater exposure to the collegiate experience.

What is Articulation?

An articulated high school course is a high school course or courses that the Yuba College faculty in the discipline have determined to be comparable to a specific Yuba College course.

High School/ROP Teachers – Articulating a Course

The High School/ROP Teacher can request to see if their course could possible articulate with a Yuba College course by completing and submitting the Request to Articulate to the CTE Transitions Office.

YC High School Articulation Process

Request to Articulate

Students – How to Participate

  • Enroll in Yuba College articulated course at High School/ROP Program
  • Attend presentation by teacher or Yuba College CTE Transitions staff
  • Complete and submits Student Enrollment Form before the final day of course
  • High School/ROP teacher completes and submits roster to CTE Transitions Office
  • Student receives the required grades per the Articulation Agreement
  • CTE Transitions office processes completed rosters and awards credit to eligible students
    (Credit will be reflected on Yuba College Transcript late August/early September)