Advantages of Academics at Yuba College

The Individual is Valued

The faculty are experienced instructors, skilled in discovering and developing the
interests and capabilities of their students. The ability to communicate with faculty
members minimizes the danger that a student may become confused and lost in the
hurry and bustle of college life and emphasizes the importance of the individual.

Easier Transition to University Studies

Yuba College bridges the gap between high school and university, making adjustment
easier. The years of college education offered by Yuba College are an important
budgetary item, especially since there is an increasing tendency for professional
preparation to require more than four years of college study.

Great Value and Support

Yuba College enables students and their families to conserve their resources for
the long period of professional training. Yuba College provides students with such
services and activities such as individualized counseling, social and cultural activities,
sports, and physical recreation of sufficient variety to meet the needs and patterns
of all students.

Versatility and a “Second Chance”

Students will find the opportunity to adjust their studies to their individual needs;
those in high school who did not meet university admission requirements may make
up their deficiencies; those who want training for immediate entry into paying jobs
will find the courses they need; those who wish to complete two years and transfer
to a senior college or university may do so with junior (third-year) status.