Student Government (ASYC)

ASYC Student Council Elections!!

How to participate:
Download and print a nomination packet and submit completed packet to ASYC Office by the nomination deadline, April 17th.

The President and Vice President must have completed 12 college units in order to run for office. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Business Director must be enrolled in 5 units to run for office and in keeping with the Educational Code requirement, may not drop below 5 units during their term in office, and must carry a 2.0 GPA. The candidate must fill out an application & petition for eligibility, and must commit to participate in weekly meetings (Thursdays, Noon-1pm).

For any questions visit the ASYC office (302b) or contact Campus Life Director Erick Burns, 741-6779.

Applications packets will contain more election process and requirement details.

Offices Available:
President                              Vice-President                      Secretary
Business Director                 Activities Director                Communications Director

Election schedule for ASYC candidates:

-Nomination period:
April 13-17th

-Eligibility clearance review:
April 20-24th

-Campaigning period:
April 27- May 1st

-Voting period:
May 4-6th

Student Government (ASYC)

The Associated Students of Yuba College encourages opportunities to enhance the development of students through leadership, participation, community service, social interaction and the development of individual attitudes and values. The Student Council is the governing body which represents students’ views to the Yuba College administration.