In January, 2016, a group of community individuals came together with the vision of beginning an organization of Yuba College Alumni for the benefit of current Yuba College Students. That organization is now know as Yuba College Alumni & Friends!

With the support of all college stakeholders, both alumni and community friends, we are able to help ensure that Yuba College continues a tradition of excellence, that has served our community since 1927.

Current Alumni & Friends Lifetime Members
  • Jeremy Brown
  • Stephen Epler
  • Elena Flacks
  • Ellie Michel Landers
  • Follett Bookstore
  • Lori Stassi Mejia
  • Claudette Michel
  • Josephine Mueller
  • Beverly Paget
  • Michael Pasquale
  • Stephanie Souza Pasquale
  • James Shaw
  • Marcia Stranix
  • Richard Teagarden
  • David Wheeler
  • Carla Tweed
  • Kathleen VanZandt Alves
  • Kathleen Miller
  • Tanna Thomas
  • Cris Sanchez
  • Talwinder Chetra
  • Erick Burns
  • Stephanie Burns
  • Tawny M. Dotson