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The Early Alert & Intervention Program allows faculty to identify students who need assistance because of poor academic performance, class participation, and/or attendance issues, and refer them to specific departments where faculty or staff can help the student access appropriate support systems. This type of intrusive advising has been demonstrated to be effective in increasing the retention and overall academic performance of a variety of high-risk students.

The primary goal of the Early Alert program is to work with students individually and assist in a success plan that aids in overcoming any barrier to college success. Providing intervention assistance early in the semester is critical to student persistence and completion. The earlier an academically at-risk student is identified, the better the prognosis for success. Therefore, the program targets ALL students, not just freshmen or students in specific academic programs, during the initial 2nd, 4th and 10th weeks of the fall and spring semesters.

The system allows faculty to be proactive, supportive, and involved in facilitating the academic components of student retention through early detection and intervention of students who are experiencing problems.Early Alert Faculty login button

What are the benefits to Students?

If students actively participate in this process, they could realize the following benefits:

  • Increased success
  • A positive self-image
  • Progress toward academic and career goals
  • Exposure to and development of academic and personal tools for success

What are the benefits to Faculty?

  • Additional support and resources beyond the classroom environment
  • Feedback on recommended interventions for your students.

Frequently Asked Questions listed below

What is the purpose of Early Alert?

  • For faculty to identify underlying classroom issues that prevent student success.
  • Connecting students to resources that promote self-awareness, accountability, and academic achievement.

What are the reasons to refer a Student?

An Early Alert referral can be made by any faculty throughout the semester.  Here is a checklist of some warnings signs that may prompt an Early Alert referral:

  • Class attendance – the student has too many absences or the student stopped going to class
  • Problems in academic performance
    • Work Quality has declined
    • Failure to turn in homework assignments
    • Failed quizzes and tests
    • Unwilling or unable to participate in class activities
    • The student is not passing the course
  • Student lacks course materials (i.e., books, notebooks)
  • Lacks study skills to be successful in college
  • Having difficulty adjusting to college life
  • Experiencing personal problems

What are the Important Dates for faculty to submit Early Alerts? 

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How do I submit an Early Alert Notification?

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