Dear Students,

President Portrait

Welcome to Yuba College. We are elated that you have selected Yuba College as an institution of choice to continue your higher education experience. An educational degree is a distinguishing achievement that will provide you a lifetime of rewards. Our counselors and staff are ready to provide guidance in selecting a field of study and the related courses that parallel your interests.

Your career goals drives Yuba College to offer many certificate and associate degrees in applied sciences and transfer degree programs. We provide a large selection of introductory courses to support your education needs towards achieving your career goals. Yuba College supports high schools students in the community to jumpstart their higher education goals. We offer concurrent enrollment courses that apply to meeting the requirements for your high school diploma while accumulating credits towards your associate degree. Our faculty and instructional support staff are eager to extend their expertise in ensuring your educational success.

Yuba College administration is committed to updating technologies that enhance your educational experience as a student in the fields of allied health, career technology, public safety fields, or any of our transfer degree programs. We are equally committed to providing our students with a healthy and safe teaching and learning environment by constantly improving conditions.

We provide programs that address your academic needs and your opportunity for a robust student life experience that will prepare you for professional life. The Yuba College Associated Students, a multitude of sports teams and events, theater and fine arts, and various cultural programs are among the activities you may enjoy while completing your courses of study at Yuba College.

You have the commitment from our faculty and staff to provide exceptional instruction, student services, and student life experiences at Yuba College. Your journey to great things begins at Yuba College.


G.H. Javaheripour, Ed. D.