ACCJC – Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

ALO – Accreditation Liaison Officer

AP  Administrative Procedures

ASCCC  Academic Senate of California Community Colleges (the state Academic Senate)

ASWCC –  Associated Students of Woodland Community College

ASYC – Associated Students of Yuba College

BAT – Budget Advisory Team, which makes recommendations to DC3

BP – Board Policy

BSI – Basic Skills Initiative

CAGPP – California Guided Pathways Project

CAT – Communication and Technology Committee (a WCC committee)

CBA – Collective Bargaining Agreement

CBO – Chief Business Officer

CCCCO – California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

CLC – Clear Lake Campus

CCOF – Colusa County Outreach Facility (WCC satellite campus in Williams)

CEAC – College Effectiveness and Accreditation Committee

CHEX – Chancellor’s Executive Committee

CHRO – Chief Human Resources Officer

CLAS – Clear Lake Associated Student Body

COR – (re: YC form) – Committee Objective Reports. (See CSAR.)

COR – (re: curriculum) – the official Course Outline of Record

CSAR – Committee Self-Assessment Report

CSC – College Success Center (also, Student Success Center)

CSEA – California School Employees Association

CTE – Career & Technical Education

CTO – Chief Technology Officer (head of Information Technology)

DAAP(T) – District Annual Action Plan (Team)

DCC – District Curriculum Committee

DC3 – District Consultation and Coordination Council

DCAS -District/Colleges/Academic Senate leadership group

DE – Distributive/Distributed/Distance Education

EMP– Educational Master Plan

EP – Extra Pay

FALA – Fine Arts/Language Arts

FAYCCD – Faculty Association of the YCCD

GP – Guided Pathways

HR – Human Resources

IEPI – Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative

IERT – Institutional Effectiveness Review Team

ISER – Institutional Self-Evaluation Report

LAFA – Language Arts/Fine Arts (I usually see this as FALA, though)

LCC – Lake County Campus

PBC – Planning and Budget Committee

PSV(T) – Program and Service Vitality (Team)

SAO – Service Area Outcome

SEP – Student Equity Plan

SLO – Student Learning Outcome

pSLO – Program Student Learning Outcome

iSLO – Institutional Student Learning Outcome

SSSP – Student Success and Support Program

VCEP – Vice Chancellor Educational Programs

VCEPS – Vice Chancellor Educational Programs and Services

WCC – Woodland Community College

WLDC – Writing and Development Center

YC-AFT – Yuba College American Federation of Teachers

YCAS – Yuba College Academic Senate

YCCD – Yuba Community College District

YCCD-POA – YCCD Police Officers’ Association

YCFA – Yuba College Faculty Association – now FAYCCD