Upcoming Flex Workshops

Self-paced training for PlayPosit - create interactive video learning activities Y3030 Details here 8:00 AM, 10/03/2022 Flex Hours: 1 Register!
Teaching with Canvas Essentials Y3059 Details here 8:00 AM, 10/03/2022 Flex Hours: 8 Register!
ASCCC OERI – Accessibility Basics - a self-paced course Y3072 Details here 5:00 PM, 10/03/2022 Flex Hours: 20 Register!
Artificial Intelligence and Present and Future of Plagiarism Y3062 Details here 12:00 PM, 10/05/2022 Flex Hours: 1 Register!
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Instructional Videos

Self-Service Waitlist Process
Self-Service Census Certification
Self Service Last Drop Process
Self Service Faculty Grading Introduction


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