In agreement with the YCAFT, The Yuba College Academic Senate believes that all part-time faculty work on Yuba College committees should be compensated.

All faculty should be compensated fairly. Full-time faculty are obligated to participate in the college’s shared governance process, which largely involves committee participation. Curricular and other academic decisions benefit from the participation of all faculty. Governance responsibilities should be shared among all faculty, including part-time faculty. The Yuba College Academic Senate supports an increase in participation of part-time faculty on shared-governance duties.

The Yuba College Academic Senate will not appoint a part-time faculty member to a committee unless funding has been secured. Part-time faculty can attend committee meetings that are open to guests, and a part-time faculty member can volunteer to serve, but compensation will be secured before official appointment and before any work has been done.

We believe that, although this policy may hinder part-time faculty from volunteering to gain experience, this policy will help secure the part-time faculty voice on committees in the long-run. This policy also protects part-time faculty from feeling pressure from their department to serve without compensation.

It is our policy then that:

  • Part-time faculty should be compensated for any college committee service.




YCAFT Contract 7.4 (2014-2017) – Committee Service: “Part-time faculty members elected or appointed to the Academic Senate, College Council, District Coordination and Communication Council (DC3), District Distance Learning Committee, District IT Committee, District Calendar Committee, Budget Summit Committee, College SLO Committee, College Flex Committee, and College Basic Skills Initiative will be compensated…”

The YCAFT YCCD position: “Do not start the work without a signed agreement form from the person asking you to do the work that includes the amount of your compensation.”