Agriculture Associate Degree

The Agriculture Associate Degree Program focuses on combining Agricultural Sciences with other electives within Agriculture and Plant Science.

The table below shows the Required Courses that are currently offered as well as agricultural electives. these courses may deviate from the catalog as they are approved course substitutions for the existing program as it is published. Earn your Agricultural Associates Degree using this table to plan your path.  The program requires 7 courses total of which 5 can be completed online!

Agriculture AS Degree

Required Courses:# UnitsFall OfferingSpring OfferingSummer Offering
AG14 - Enterpreneurship3Online
AG45 - Principles of Animal Science 3OnlineOnline
PLSCI 20L - Principles of Plant Science 4Face-to-Face - DayFace-to-Face - Day
PLSCI 22L - Intro to Soils 4Face-to-Face - Day
Complete 9 units of Agriculture Electives:# UnitsFall OfferingSpring Offering
ACCT 10A - General Accounting (substitution)4Face-to-Face - DayFace-to-Face - Day & Evening
AG 13 - Marketing3Online
AG 12 - Computers in AG (substitution)variableOnline - WL
CWEE 45A or B - Internship (substitution)3Face-to-Face - DayFace-to-Face - Day
PLSCI 32 Plant Protection Materials (substitution)3Online - WL
PLSCI 21 - Fert & Plant Nutrition (substitution)3Online - WL
PLSCI 31 - Intro Sustainable Ag (substitution)3Online - WL
PLSCI 30 - Principles of Pest Management (substitution)3Online - WL
Total Units Required for Major Courses21
Total Additional Units required for General Education/Electives39
Total Units Required to Earn Degree60

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