Meet Manufacturing Technology Faculty Member: Joe Bauer

Manufacturing Faculty Joe Bauer

Contact Information:


Phone:  740-1743

Office:  628

Why Manufacturing Technology is a great career option:

There is endless opportunity.  Advanced Manufacturing is a great pathway to a fulfilling career.

If you like computers and automation, working with your hands and building things, but don’t fit the traditional mold of school, Manufacturing is for you.  It can be highly technical, challenging, and rewarding.  It is a global industry and you can take these skills anywhere you want.  You get out of it what you put into it.  There is always another challenge or more you can do to better yourself.  You will never hit a dead end in manufacturing.


Get ready – it is different type of learning.  It is as hands on as you can get.  We utilize many different resources to learn these skills – reading, video, lecture, lab.  You will be engaged and have a lot of fun.

Things I like to do outside of work:

I love to socialize, connect with people and spend time with friends and family. I enjoy hiking fishing, camping and other outdoor activities like a good round of golf.  I cycle through hobbies like you can’t imagine – I’m always trying something new!


Chico State Foundry and Machine shop–contract manufacturing and limited production runs. Prototyping and CAD design.   Prototyping/CNC machining components for engineering senior projects

President-Society of Manufacturing Engineers Student Chapter Chico State

Avl Looms – manufacturing intern/technician

Adjunct Faculty at Chico State –Manufacturing capstone course, Manufacturing Tooling


BS in Manufacturing Technology, minor in Management for Sustainability from Chico State

Society of Manufacturing Engineers – Certified Manufacturing Technologist