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FALL 2017

College Council is managing the development of Yuba College’s new Educational Master Plan (EMP). Yuba College’s 2017-2020 EMP is a comprehensive document that articulates the College’s vision for the future and provides a road map for the upcoming three years. The plan contains the updated mission, principles, district goals, college objectives and a well-defined action plan for how we will reach our vision and measure progress and success along the way.

The objectives set during the development of the plan will articulate how we advance student achievement and develop new, innovative practices. An inclusive process, that included input from the entire campus community and the community at large, was used to update the mission statement and create College principles. The priorities established in our EMP will serve to guide the institution as it makes decisions about resource allocation, program development and growth.

When will it be completed?

A draft will be completed in late October and shared with College governance groups in November. Input from that process will be incorporated into a final document that will go to the Board of Trustees in December.

Who is Cambridge West?

Cambridge West is a consulting firm that is helping Yuba College with the writing of four of the EMP chapters (Environmental Scan, Institutional Effectiveness, Opportunities for the Future and Projections for Future Growth).

How can I provide Input?

Fred Trapp from Cambridge West will be sending out questionnaires to all instructional units this fall (student service units worked on this during the summer). The instructional survey includes questions about enrollment trends, curriculum, facilities and your vision for your program. Fred has reviewed all of our program reviews and this survey is intended to supplement and update that data. Cambridge West will also be on campus in October and will conduct group interviews to gather additional information.

As chapters are drafted they are being posted on the EMP webpage:

Please forward any feedback you have to College Council Co-Chairs, Greg Kemble or Sonja Lolland. There will also be a College EMP Forum during the October 25th Professional Development Day.