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EMP Described

The 2022 Educational Master Plan (EMP or Plan) is a two-part document.

Part I features the analytics and current condition of Yuba College (College or YC)–i.e., it is the fact-finding document that provides the data to support the recommended actions.

Part II is a recommended, action-based, “Program of Work” that is directed to:

  1. improve the success of students who attend the College and
  2. address the key institutional conditions that need close attention for both students and the institution to succeed.

Creation Process

The EMP was created through the lens of students and supported by the viewpoint of the faculty and staff. It took advantage of the numerous studies, reports, surveys, and focus groups that date back to the Year 2015 and more recently gathered information (2021-2022).

It is congruous with the goals, mission, and direction of the Yuba Community College District(YCCD), consistent with the planning efforts of the College, aligns with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office(CCCCO) Vision for Success and supports the requirements for educational master planning outlined by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

COVID-19 Impact

As this EMP was being created, the College was emerging from the throws of the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic was devastating to the College.

The educational delivery modality (and strength of the College) has traditionally been face-to-face teaching and learning. Students were not prepared to receive nor were faculty and staff prepared to deliver the program of instruction and support services via an online format.

As the College emerges from the two-plus years of COVID-19, it finds itself in the position of having to climb out of a significant chasm just to regain the position it originally held.

The intent of the EMP is to provide a road map for the climb and re-emergence of the College. It is also designed to serve as a resource for decision-making and action in the journey that lies ahead.

Outcomes we've committed to:

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