Circulation & Rules

Check-out: Everyone who patronizes the LRC must check-out
ALL books and other materials at the circulation desks for the Library
or the Media Center Services. A maximum of seven (7) items may be checked
out at one time. You are responsible for all materials borrowed
with your Library/Media Center Services Card.

Renewals: Library and Media Center Services materials
(except reserve materials) may be renewed once if not needed by another
patron. Renewals take place in person or by phone..

Course textbooks are available as a courtesy to all students. No one student shall have continuous access to a textbook title. In order to provide sufficient opportunity for other students to use available textbooks, we require that students wait one (1) hour before checking out the same title. If a student wishes for extended use of a textbook, the student needs to purchase or rent a personal copy. The campus bookstore and online resources are available to purchase or rent textbooks.

Return of Materials: All library and media materials
are to be returned to the LRC when due and in good condition. When the
LRC building is closed, books and media materials may be returned via
the book return box near the entrance of the LRC or the book return box
east of the LRC.

Fines: Fines for overdue materials will be assessed
at the rates listed in the “Circulation Rules.” Fines will also
be assessed for any damage to LRC materials and equipment. Fines totaling
$10.00 or more will block a patron from further check-out of materials
until paid. All unpaid fines at the end of each academic semester will
be reported to the Yuba College Records Office and grades, transcripts,
benefits, and paychecks will be withheld until the fines are paid.

Material Circulation Period Fine Rate Long OVD Fines*
Books (Stack & Desk)
21 days
$20 + $10/yr -> $50
Computer (OML)
21 days
Up to full replacement cost
2 days
Up to full replacement cost
1 day
Up to full replacement cost
3 days
Up to full replacement cost
21 days
25¢/day Up to full replacement cost
Reference Books
Not available for circulation
Reserve Books – Hourly
1/2 hr, 1 hr, & 2 hr, Overnight
$20 + $10/wk -> $200
Reserve Books – Daily
1, 2, 4, & 7 day
$10 + $5/wk -> $200
Reserved Media – Hourly**
2 hour and Overnight
$20 + $10/wk -> $50
Reserved Media – Daily**
1 & 7 day
$10 + $5/wk -> $50

* This column indicates the short term overdue fine limit, the long term overdue fine rate and the overall overdue fine maximum.

** CD-ROM software that accompanies a book has a circulation rule that matches that book.

Payments for Lost Materials:  Total replacement costs, which includes a processing fee (see § II.C.4. of the “Yuba College Learning Resources Policy & Procedure Handbook” for method of calculation).