Foster Care Education & Support

Pre Service: a 12 hours introduction for those interested in general information about becoming a foster parent, caring for relatives children or an adoptive parent through the State of California Adoption’s unit.

Specific areas covered:

  • An overview of The Child Protection System
  • The effects of abuse and neglect on children
  • Accessing health services and community resources
  • Court system
  • Impact of foster and relative parenting

On Going Foster Care Education: Accessing education and health services, adolescent parenting training & Self Esteem enhancement: California State Law requires licensed foster parents to complete 8 hours of annual foster care education. Given that children are coming into the court system with greater histories of abuse and neglect more than ever before, it has become more important than ever to develop excellent parenting skills, knowledge of the court system, and strong on-going support systems.

The Community College FKCE program annually offers classes on a variety of topics, including: Positive parenting/discipline, Accessing education and health services, adolescent parenting training & Self Esteem enhancement.

K.A.R.E.S. / Kinship And Relative Education & Support

Are you a grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling, cousin or other family member raising a child who has temporarily or permanently lost their parents?

You are not alone….

Grandparents or non-parent relatives care for well over 1 million California children.

The greatest reward to your being a parenting grandparent or relative caregiver is knowing that a child is safe and cared for within your family. In spite of this, there are some challenges you may face:

  • Changes in lifestyle and routines
  • Financial struggles
  • Changes in family relationships
  • Dealing with feelings of isolation, grief, anger, fear and frustration
  • Lack of child care and respite care services
  • Lack of information on legal and community resources
  • Health problems caused by the pressures of parenting responsibilities

We know that caregiver like you understand that parenting another’s child is more than just warm and tender affection. WE understand that there is much you want to know and much you need to understand when you are taking on the responsibility of caring for relative’s child.

We can give you that extra support you want by offering specialized educational opportunities.

We invite you to join our Foster Kinship Care Education Classes.

  • There are no fees for the classes listed in this calendar, unless otherwise noted or if taking classes for college credit.
  • California is supporting your efforts to increase your care- giving skills and knowledge. Classes are held in a variety of locations.
  • AB 490, effective January 1, 2004, seeks to ensure that all of California’s foster children (children supervised by either probation or child welfare placed in group homes, licensed foster homes, with relatives or non relative-extended family) have a meaningful opportunity to meet the challenging state pupil academic achievement standards to which all pupils are held.  Educators, county placing agencies, care providers, advocates and the juvenile court are expected to work together to ensure that each pupil is placed in the least restrictive educational placement and has access to the academic resources, services, and extra curricular and enrichment activities that are available to all pupils.  Accordingly, schools will be required to implement a variety of procedures to ensure effective application of these new laws
  • The overarching goal of AB 490 is to improve academic attainment for foster children by promoting school stability and identifying a clear preference for enrollment in regular public schools.  The key components of school responsibilities that will ensure implementation of this enactment are summarized below.
  • Foster Care Liaison
  • Each local education agency must appoint an educational liaison for foster children (both wards and dependents).
  • The liaison shall ensure and facilitate proper school placement, enrollment, transfer of credits, records and grades, and checkout from school.  EC 48853.5 (b)(1).  Transfers must be processed within two business of receiving the request. EC 48853.5(d)(4)(C).