November 2021 Spotlight: Cristina Baggio

#YCproud of our Staff: Cristina Baggio Story by Veronica A. Catlin,  Cristina Baggio didn’t know what she was in for when she packed up and left everything she knew in New York to attend school at Yuba College. Unbeknownst to her, one leap of faith would lead her to live out her dreams. “I was recruited to Yuba College … Read More

October 2021 Spotlight: Gerardo Aceves

  Yuba College Alumni Turned Self-Made Millionaire Written by Veronica A. Catlin,  From humble beginnings, Yuba City native Gerardo Aceves, pursued his dreams and became a local success story. “I grew up with a single mom who couldn’t really afford anything besides the bills,” Aceves said. “We grew up poor. It was pretty bad. My mom instilled in me … Read More

September 2021 Spotlight: Janai Belmonte

#YCproud of our Alumni When Janai Belmonte found out she was a Dean’s Award winner for the College of Health and Human Services at Sacramento State, she didn’t know what to think. At first, she wasn’t even sure if it was real. “Am I reading this right?” she asked. But it was. This award represented years of facing and overcoming … Read More

August 2021 Spotlight: Jim Prager

If you’ve been on the Yuba College campus for any amount of time, you’ve most likely have heard of, or even met, the legend that is Jim Prager. For half a century, Jim has been a visible part of the Yuba College community, from teaching an array of courses in reading and writing to performing in plays like “Death of … Read More

Student Spotlight Feature: Shivam Khosla

Shivam Khosla of Yuba City recently graduated from Yuba College and was named a recipient of the prestigious Regent’s Scholarship, an award for under-graduate students at the University of California (UC) Davis. He plans to continue his education in mechanical engineering at Davis and was also invited to join their University Honors program. Khosla, a first-generation college student, immigrated to … Read More