June 2024 Staff Spotlight: An amazing professor, mother and colleague- Page Gearhart-Davis

Chrystal GillmingStaff Spotlight, Yuba Spotlight

An amazing professor, mother and colleague SOMER HANSON Page Gearhart-Davis was homeless, pregnant and a mom to four children when she enrolled at Yuba College in 2013 as a re-entry student. She saw education as the means to be able to take care of her family financially. More than a decade later, with her youngest child now 11 years old, … Read More

May 2024 Staff Spotlight: Leaving a legacy- Kelly Boren

Chrystal GillmingStaff Spotlight, Yuba Spotlight

Leaving a legacy SOMER HANSON A member of the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians, Kelly Boren grew up on the reservation in northern San Diego County. To get to school, Boren boarded the bus at 6:30 a.m. and returned home after baseball, basketball or football practice at 8 p.m. every day. Boren’s father was a heavy equipment operator who … Read More

April 2024 Staff Spotlight: It’s my hobby after all- Kimberly Butcher

Chrystal GillmingStaff Spotlight, Yuba Spotlight

It’s my hobby after all SOMER HANSON Did you know you have glitter in your pocket? Ask Kimberly Butcher, Early Childhood Education adjunct faculty at Yuba College, and she’ll explain the glitter in your pocket is the key to connecting with children. “Kids are amazing because they’re so open, imaginative, and playful,” Butcher said. “I often say, ‘Take the glitter … Read More

March 2024 Staff Spotlight: A Life of Service-Neelam Canto-Lugo

Chrystal GillmingStaff Spotlight, Yuba Spotlight

A Life of Service Sommer Hanson Back home in California after a recent trip to Bangladesh, Neelam Canto-Lugo still wakes up throughout the night. The retired Yuba College professor and volunteer for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is used to adjusting to the different time zones. In retirement, Canto-Lugo is fond of waking up to the flowering … Read More

February 2024 Staff Spotlight: Bringing history to life- Claire Eberhardt

Chrystal GillmingStaff Spotlight, Yuba Spotlight

Bringing history to life SOMER HANSON Enter Claire Eberhardt’s home and it may feel like a museum. From Roman coins to a 1920s driver’s license, artifacts are on display at the Yuba College history and humanities professor’s home.“I try to collect something real or a replica from every time period I’m teaching in all my classes,” Eberhardt said. “I bring … Read More

January 2024 Staff Spotlight: The Animal Doctor- Dr. Kyle Mathis

Chrystal GillmingStaff Spotlight

The Animal Doctor SOMER HANSON While in Sri Lanka with the Peace Corps in the early 1990s, Dr. Kyle Mathis was given a book of first aid tips and life hacks to assist him if he or a neighbor needed medical attention with no doctor available. Reading about different health problems sparked an interest in Mathis to pursue medical school … Read More

Dream…don’t be afraid!

mattstevensonStudent Spotlight

Still frame from Yulisa's interview

Meet Yulisa, a graduating Yuba College sophomore, who will transfer to Chico State this fall. Yulisa felt welcome as soon as she walked in the door, took advantage of tutoring and other Yuba College services, which allowed her to meet (and exceed) her educational goals. “Dream … don’t be afraid.” Search our available classes, or explore our Areas of Interest … Read More

June 2022 Staff Spotlight: Marc Flacks

Anabel TocheStaff Spotlight

Community Focused SOMER HANSON Coming from a long family line of activists, including a famous sociologist, Marc Flacks had no intention of staying in line. As an undergrad, Flacks attended Wesleyan University on the East Coast as an undecided major, and enrolled in classes that interested him. When it came time to declare his major, Flacks realized he was almost … Read More

October 2021 Spotlight: Gerardo Aceves

Chrystal GillmingAlumni Spotlight

  Yuba College Alumni Turned Self-Made Millionaire Written by Veronica A. Catlin, vcatlin@yccd.edu  From humble beginnings, Yuba City native Gerardo Aceves, pursued his dreams and became a local success story. “I grew up with a single mom who couldn’t really afford anything besides the bills,” Aceves said. “We grew up poor. It was pretty bad. My mom instilled in me … Read More

September 2021 Spotlight: Janai Belmonte

Chrystal GillmingAlumni Spotlight

#YCproud of our Alumni When Janai Belmonte found out she was a Dean’s Award winner for the College of Health and Human Services at Sacramento State, she didn’t know what to think. At first, she wasn’t even sure if it was real. “Am I reading this right?” she asked. But it was. This award represented years of facing and overcoming … Read More