Veterinary Technology

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Do you love animals great and small, and want to help them stay healthy? Yuba College's Veterinary Technology degree and certificate offer hands-on training in nursing care for all types of animals, as well as becoming a licensed veterinary professional. Students will be prepared to care for dogs, cats, pocket pets, horses, farm animals, birds, reptiles, and even fish -- and much more.

Earn a degree and take your education further

Associate Degrees in Veterinary Technology

The degree prepares students to enter the workforce or to continue to a four-year program.

Transfer Degrees are your fast-track to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the CSU system.

Start your career. upgrade your skills.

Certificates in Veterinary Technology

Not ready to be a veterinary technician, but still want to work with animals? Check out the certificate option.

Looking to jump into a career right away? Career Education certificates prepare you with job skills for real-world careers

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Additional steps to apply

The Veterinary Technology programs require additional application steps before you can enroll. Visit the department page to learn about these additional requirements and next steps.

Application deadline is March 15, 2024
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Careers in Veterinary Technology

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Priority Registration Starts April 29

  • Summer 2024 — Classes start June 10
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