Yuba College Child Development Center


Parents must be income eligible and meet one of the following needs criteria:

  • Students with a need for part-day or full-day services
  • Searching for work
  • Working
  • Incapacitated
  • Searching for housing

(No need required when attending only preschool hours 9am-12pm or 2:30pm-5:30pm)

See income table to see if you qualify or call the program office for more information.

Family Size Free Childcare
(monthly income levels)
Reduced Fees
(monthly income levels)
1-2 Income less than $ 5,407 Income $ 5,407-6,128
3 Income less than $6,115 Income $6,115-6,931
4 Income less than $7,081 Income $7,081-8,025
5 & Over Please contact our program office for additional information.


What we will need…

  • Your child’s birth certificate/copy
  • One complete month of proof of income (dated not any later than 30 days prior to enrollment)
  • Class/work schedule with room numbers/addresses/telephone numbers.  (We need to know how to contact you at all times.)
  • Immunization records/TB test results, dated within one year from initial enrollment date.
  • Physician report signed by your child’s doctor. A physician form is provided by the childcare office.

All additional enrollment forms must be completed and signed prior to your child’s first day of attendance.