Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate in articulated courses?

Students enrolled in the high school/ROP programs offering the articulated course.

Are there fees associated with this program?

No fees are associated with this program. Enrollment and credit processed through the cooperative efforts of high school teachers and the CTE Transitions Office at Yuba College.

Can I receive both college and high school credit?

Student will earn both high school/ROP and college credit.

Do I automatically receive credit by enrolling in a course that is articulated?

No, a student must complete and submit the Student Enrollment Form when due and receive the appropriate grades for that course per the Articulation Agreement. Form available during articulation presentation in class or from teacher.  Must be completed before the conclusion of the class in order to be considered for credit.

Who teaches the courses?

High school teachers teach the articulated courses.

Where are courses taught?

Courses taught on the high school/ROP campus.