Getting Started

At DSPS, our goal is to equip you with tools to successfully navigate your college education, assist you to understand your disability, including your strengths and weaknesses, and teach you to communicate your needs to others regarding the services you need to achieve your goals.

To participate in the DSPS program students must have medical verification for temporary or permanent physical, psychological or learning disabilities provided by authorized professionals such as physicians, psychologists and DSPS Learning Disability Specialists.

Eligibility for Services

Eligibility for services is determined by verifying a disability in one of the following categories:

  • Physical disability – verified by a medical professional
  • Psychological disability – verified by a mental health, medical, or psychiatric professional
  • Learning disability (LD) – verified by the most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from high school, psychological assessment of a recent LD testing by a qualified professional, or by testing conducted by a DSPS Learning Disability Specialists.
The DSPS Intake Process
(After a student has registered for Classes, and has taken the placement exam)

Step 1: Schedule an appointment by contacting DSPS

Building 1800 on the Marysville Campus
Phone: (530)741-6795
Video Phone: (866)274-7530

Step 2: Bring verification of your disability to your appointment which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Statement or Report from Doctor or Health Care provider
  • Most recent IEP (Individual Education Plan) from High School
  • Department of Rehabilitation Report or forms
  • SSI paperwork
  • If disabled Veteran, bring disability discharge paperwork (DD214 or equivalent)

Step 3 –Intake Appointment — Meet with a Specialist to answer a supplemental questionnaire, secure medical verification or school records and discuss your educational goals. A follow up appointment may be needed to bring in medical verification to ensure eligibility. IF you have, or suspect you have a learning disability, an additional packet will be given to complete before the second appointment.

  • If eligible: The specialist will determine the appropriate services and accommodations with you and the appropriate paperwork will be completed and signed by the specialist and you.
  • If assessed for LD: The LD intake packet will be reviewed with you. If LD testing is appropriate, you will enroll in a ½ unit assessment class (Learning Assistance 251) and you are scheduled for 2 or 3 assessment appointments. At the last appointment, you will receive your assessment results, recommendations and strategies for specific learning needs. If eligible for services based on LD, the specialist will determine the appropriate services and accommodations with you and the appropriate paperwork will be completed and signed by the specialist and you.
  • If ineligible: Referrals will be given for other campus support services.

Step 4 – Request accommodations – Students who have completed the eligibility process and are authorized to receive educational accommodations in courses (including on line and Distributive Education courses) are responsible to make the request through DSPS for accommodations.  Students must follow through with paperwork and/or arrangements with professors as instructed by the specialist.  In order for the accommodations to be in place when they are needed, it is very important to request them ahead of time.

Step 5 – Follow up appointment with your specialist – You should plan to meet with your specialist at least once a semester to update records, review your accommodations, report your academic progress, and discuss any additional needs.  Schedule an appointment or come in during walk-in hours.