Student Pass Rates

Check out our Pass Rates for students who committed themselves to tutoring for fifteen or more sessions in the fall semester, 2009 . . .

Student Success Rates*
  Students who Passed Students who Failed Total Students Pass Rate
Content Tutoring 124 8 132 94%
Math Tutoring 120 52 172 70%

*  Follow-up Report: fall semester 2009

Rules and Policies for the College Success Center

To use the College Success Center, a student must:

  • be a currently registered Yuba College student;
  • complete a Request for Services Form;
  • be prepared to study and learn;
  • correctly sign in and sign out;
  • obey the requests of the College Success Center staff;
  • keep cell phones on vibrate mode;
  • limit socializing and keep voices low;
  • bring required textbooks and notes;
  • be considerate and patient when requesting assistance from Roving Math Tutors;
  • maintain good personal hygiene;
  • NOT bring food or flavored beverages (only bottled water is allowed);
  • NOT “sit in” or “drop in” on scheduled tutoring sessions.

To receive tutoring in the College Success Center, a student must:

  • commit to attending two (2) fifty-minute tutoring sessions per week;
  • regularly attend the tutoring sessions;
  • come to all tutoring sessions prepared;
  • actively participate in the tutoring sessions;
  • be on time to tutoring sessions;
  • be respectful of the opinions, experiences, and expertise of others;
  • call the College Success Center Front Desk at (530) 741-6759 to report an absence.