First read: Course title, catalog description, rationale for proposal (reading for information)

Second read: Group assignment (reading to evaluate)

A course outline of record needs to be integrated. At the most fundamental level “integration” occurs when each element of the course outline of record reinforces the purpose of the other elements in the course outline.

Whole Committee: Local GE petitions 


eLumen Tab Field
Standards Transferability & Gen. Ed. Options

Is the originator seeking approval for local GE? If so, has a rationale been given and does it justify a local GE designation?

Group A: Claire, Doug, Daniel D, Aya 


eLumen Tab Field
Basic Cover Information Course Number, Short Course Title, Course Title, Discipline, Course Description, Faculty Requirements, Rationale for Proposal

Is the title clear?

Does the course number accurately reflect course level?

Does the short title relate to the long title? (the short title appears on transcripts)

Is the discipline correct?

Is the catalog description clear and written in language accessible to students?

Does the description reflect course content?

Does the description reflect course objectives?

Has all unnecessary information (i.e. pre-reqs, co-reqs) been left out?

Are the min quals appropriate to the course? Is the correct condition (and/or) chosen?

If the course is a new course, does the rationale sufficiently justify the addition of this course to the college curriculum?

Learning Outcomes Course Objectives

Are objectives mentioned in the course description as a topic?

Do the objectives reflect course content?

Does at least one objective require students to develop critical thinking skills?

Do the objectives begin with appropriate active verbs?

Are objectives written in clear, simple language?


Content Course Outline, Lab Outline

Does the lecture content reflect the catalog description and the objectives?

Does the lab content (if applicable) reflect the description and objectives? Does the lab content differ from the lecture content?

Does the breadth and depth of the content justify the unit value of the course?

Is the lecture/lab content written in outline or list format?

If the course has lab hours, is there lab content added?


The course must have sufficient and appropriate learning objectives such that any student achieving these objectives will fulfill the intended purpose of the course. The course content items then define the elements of information, behavior, or capabilities for each objective to be mastered. Each content item and objective is then reflected in comprehensive assignments or lessons, which are taught using appropriate and effective methods. Finally, in the integrated course outline of record, the methods for evaluation of student performance validate the acquisition and mastery of each content item and the attainment of each objective. Also note that content is the only subject-based element; the others specifically focus on what the student will be doing

Degree-applicable credit courses require students to demonstrate critical thinking. The incorporation of critical thinking must be evident throughout the course outline, but particularly in the Objectives, Methods of Instruction, and Methods of Evaluation elements.

Group B: Thea, Zac, Dan C.  

eLumen Tab Fields
Units and Hours Credit/Non-Credit Options, Student Hours, Total Course Hours

Is the Credit/Noncredit category correct?

Are the lecture/activity/lab hours, in-class hours, out-of-class hours, and total hours correct?

Standards Grade Options, Allowed Number of Repeats

Is the grading method appropriate to the level and content of the course?

If repeatable, is the rationale appropriate?

Conditions of Enrollment Requisite Courses, Entrance Skills, Limitations on Enrollment, Skill Advisories

Are pre-requisites/co-requisites indicated? Are they appropriate? Have Objectives and Outcomes been selected?
Are advisories indicated? Are they appropriate?
Are any other conditions of enrollment indicated? Are they appropriate?

Distance Education Is this course appropriate for Distance Education?

Does the delivery method seem appropriate to the course?

Is the DE rationale appropriate for the selected DE modalities?

Is the compliance checklist completed?


Group C: Denice, James, Sherry, Rajan 

eLumen Tab Fields
Details Methods of Instruction, Assignments, Methods of Evaluation, Textbooks, Other Instructional Materials, Materials Fee


Are the methods of instruction appropriate for this course?

Are sample assignments provided? (these should be actual assignments, not statements about the kinds of assignments students might do).

Are the methods of evaluation appropriate for this course? Do they fit the course content/structure? Note: “attendance” should not be indicated as an evaluation method; if the course has lab content, “laboratory assignments” should be checked as a method of eval.
Is a textbook indicated? If so, are all the textbook fields completed?
Is the textbook recent? (published in the last five years) If not, has a rationale for older textbook been provided?
If the course is a lab science, is a lab manual provided?
Have the “or equivalent” boxes been checked appropriately?

Reviewing the COR – Click here for the pdf file of this document