Course Review: Validation

To learn more about the course review process at Yuba College and getting an online course validated, please plan to attend an Orientation Meeting. See the Flex Workshops site for dates and details. If you’ve attended an orientation meeting you can review the information through the presentation slides.

An important part of the process is the instructor’s self-assessment of the OEI Rubric criteria. You can download a copy of the self-assessment document and use it to guide course development.

If you have questions about the timeline for having your online courses validated, please contact DE coordinator Laura Schrettner.

Course Design Support

Support for instructors teaching in any of the DE modalities includes one-on-one consultations, flex workshops, and training courses. Check out the Spring 2022 DE Training Schedule.

You have two faculty available for one-on-one consultations. They are here to meet your needs related to developing quality online courses and revising courses to meet criteria of the OEI Course Design Rubric. Also, if you have a specific training interest, be sure to contact them to let them know!

  • Cynthia Sargent is the Instructional Design Resource Faculty at Yuba College and Maris Wagener is DE co-coordinator, support (and ECE faculty).
  • You can reach out through email to schedule with Maris or see Cynthia’s office hours in Calendly to select a time.

We have developed a Course Design Forum with many resources to support your development of an online course.

While accessibility is the last section of the OEI Rubric, it is best to keep accessibility in mind and design an accessible course from the beginning rather than trying to remediate issues later. A good first step is ensuring you know how to make materials in Canvas pages, assignments, and quizzes accessible.

  • The CCC Accessibility Center has modules to help you learn more about Canvas Accessibility.
  • You can access additional self-paced accessibility courses from the CCC Accessibility Center to learn more about Microsoft Word accessibility, accessibility for STEM classes, and more.

We’re here to support you! Please contact Maris Wagener or Cynthia Sargent for support with the self-assessment process or other questions about course design and development. Shawn Melton in DSPS is our new Alternate Media Specialist and can help answer questions about accessible course materials.