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Sociology is the study of social behavior or society, including its origins, development, organization, networks, and institutions.


Marc Flacks, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
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SOCIL 1-Introduction to Sociology (3 units) CSU/UC
Basic principles and concepts of sociology including culture, socialization, organizations, institutions, stratification, collective behavior, and social change. (L)

SOCIL 2-Social Problems (3 units) CSU/UC
Survey of social problems in present-day American culture and application of sociological theory and analysis to issues such as poverty, racism, crime, healthcare, education, and the environment. (L)

SOCIL 5-Sociology of Race & Ethnicity (3 units) CSU/UC
Examines the social construction of categories of race and ethnicity in society. Focus on inequality and the impact of racial categorization on everyday life through institutions such as the labor market, schools, residential segregation, healthcare, media, and the criminal justice system. (L)

SOCIL 6-Sociology of Sex and Gender (3 units) CSU/UC
Sociological analysis of the construction, reproduction, and consequences of sex categories and gender roles. Emphasis on how gender designation of “male” and “female” impacts an individual’s life, including violence and abuse, sexual harassment, hate crimes, wage differentials and unequal opportunities. (L)

SOCIL 8-Social Science Research Methods (3 units) CSU/UC
Prerequisite: SOCIL 1
Covers basic issues in the design and implementation of social science research. Topics covered include the scientific method, ethics, research design, basic descriptive and inferential statistics, and qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Completion or current enrollment in STAT 1 strongly advised. (L,M,C)

SOCIL 10 Sociology of Marriage & Family (3 units) CSU/UC
C-ID SOCI 130z
Sociological analysis of marriage and family, including history, cross-cultural comparison, gender roles, sexuality, parenthood, and contemporary debates about family values, form, and function. (L)

SOCIL 30-Aging: Concepts and Issues (3 units) CSU/UC
Transferable to Social, economic and psychological factors related to aging and the changing roles in contemporary society. Topics include current controversies, personal adaptation to aging, income and housing, health and long-term care, employment and retirement, community social services, and social inequality. Not open for credit to students with credit in HUSEV 15. (L)


Associate Degree in Sociology

(Associate in Arts for Transfer)
Required Courses
SOCIL 1 Introduction to Sociology
SOCIL 2 Social Problems
List A: Select one of the following (3-4 units):
STAT 1 Introduction to Statistics
SOCIL 8 Social Science Research Methods
List B: Select two additional courses from the following (6 units):
SOCIL 10 Sociology of Marriage & Family
SOCIL 6 Sociology of Sex and Gender
SOCIL 5 Sociology of Race & Ethnicity
PSYCH 22 Social Psychology
List C: Select one additional course from the following (3 units):
Any course not selected from List B
SOCIL 3 Critical Thinking in Social Science
PSYCH 1A General Psychology
PSYCH 1B General Psychology: Individual and Social Processes
ECON 1A Elementary Economics – Macro
ECON 1B Elementary Economics – Micro
POLSC 1 Introduction to American Government



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