Yuba College celebrates Early College high school graduates

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Yuba College celebrates Early College high school graduates

(May 8, 2024) Marysville, Calif. – The Early College Stole and Cord Presentation at Yuba College on May 6 celebrated the achievements of 38 high school students from the Yuba City Unified School District (YCUSD). Yuba College’s Early College Program, established in partnership with YCUSD in 2019, gives students the opportunity to complete coursework for both their high school diploma and associate degree concurrently.

Asked how they accomplished this lofty achievement, River Valley High School student Juan Escobar Ornelas credited the Yuba College employees and like-minded classmates.

“I liked the experience because everyone is really supportive, especially the staff and the professors,” Escobar Ornelas said, adding, “At the Early College, the other students are centered on their goals and focus in class, and I like that environment.”

Echoing this sentiment, fellow River Valley High School student Munneth Gill encouraged future participants not to hesitate to seek support from professors.

“To incoming freshmen, the biggest thing I’d say is not to be afraid to talk to their professors,” Munneth Gill said. “The professors understand our situation; that we have a lot of responsibilities. But as long as you talk to them, they’ll understand, and they’ll help you.”

Hailey Buck, a student at Yuba City High School, expressed gratitude for the program, emphasizing its benefits in providing a head start for college.

“Being able to have that degree at the same time as graduating high school…it gives you a head start,” said Hailey. “It gives you a little bit more peace of mind going into college, knowing that you already have a general idea of what it might be like.”

Students will wear the stoles and cords they received at their high school graduation ceremonies, as well as the Yuba College 96th commencement ceremony at 7 p.m. on May 24 at the Yuba College Athletic Stadium.

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