What is the “Guided Pathways Model?”

Written by Nick Strobel (faculty) and Sonya Christian (president) of Bakersfield College, this article describes what the guided pathways model is at a community college.  What is the Guided Pathways Model?

California Community Colleges Guided Pathways

The CCC Guided Pathways site provides excellent information and tools for understanding guided pathways.

California Guided Pathways

The site for the 20 participating California guided pathways colleges, including Yuba College.  Information and resources provided.

Guided Pathways Professional Development Day Presentation – Kathy Booth

We were fortunate to host Kathy Booth for a day long Guided Pathways Professional Development Seminar in January 2018.  This link provides you the presentation slides from that presentation.

Yuba College Academic Senate – President’s unofficial Blog

The blog provides many opportunities to learn more about guided pathways.  The link above takes you to any of the blogs with keywords of guided pathways listed.

14 key elements of guided pathways simplified