If you hear gunfire, take cover.  To avoid injury , remove your- self from sight by:

  • If you are confronted fall to the floor
  • If possible, look for an open door in which to hide
  • If outdoors, get behind a tree and don’t leave until safe
  • In a parking lot, get down behind the engine area of your car
  • Close, lock and barricade if possible all doors leading to where you are hiding.
  • In a classroom, close curtains shades, turn off lights.
  • Use your cell phone to call 911 or Campus District Police at (530) 741-6771 or your appropriate campus police number.
  • Be prepared to provide the following pieces of information:

    1.     Your name

    2.     Location

    3.     Describe the shooter(s) and where the shooter(s) was headed

    4.     Injuries to yourself or others around you

If you are wounded, stay calm and apply pressure to slow down the bleeding. Call out for help when you hear the police searching your area.
District Police are prepared to directly intervene with the actions of the shooter to mitigate the situation while conducting simultaneous rescue operations.