Student Support Services

“Where Achievement Becomes Reality”


The Student Support Services (SSS) Program is federally funded TRIO program under the Department of Education and is designed to help students of disadvantaged backgrounds (first generation, low-income, and students with disabilities) be able to succeed in their pursuit of higher education. The mission of SSS is to increase college retention and graduation rates for its college participants and assist its participants from making the transition from one level of higher education to the next. 

At Yuba College, we are funded under two SSS grant projects, the regular SSS and the SSS-STEM. Some of the services we provide include but are not limited to academic advising, tutoring, and providing information and assistance to available financial aiprogram. We strive to foster a positive learning environment at Yuba College and help our students who’s end goal is to graduate with an Associate degree and/or transfer to a 4-year university. 

Program Services 

  • Academic Advising  
    • One-on-one advising sessions in selecting courses for enrollment, major exploration, developing and/or monitoring Educational Action Plan (EAP) with an assigned counselor
  • Academic Support/Tutoring  
    • Providing tutoring services and resources through on-campus programs and SSS, workshops that touch on time management, study skills, and career exploration.
  • Financial Literacy/Financial Assistance  
    • Guide participants through process of seeking financial assistance and completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), provide financial literacy workshops in money management, student loans, scholarships, etc.
  • Transfer Advising  
    • Receive assistance with the transfer process from insuring you are on track to graduate to completing your transfer application to CSUs, UCs, privates, etc.
  • Personal Counseling/Mentoring  
    • Work with students on exploring, addressing and managing issues that fall outside the academic realm such as barriers to success whether financial, personal or psychological.
  • College and Cultural Excursions
    • Exposure to four-year institutions through college tour opportunities and workshops, prepare students for transition to a four-year university